Client Feedback


Lucas came quietly into the world. His heart rate never changed, we worked so well together. I loved my labour- it was not the ideal start, but it ended so well. I could do it again and again, what a beautiful honour to be a woman – to have this task. I shared my story with a friend who is also a hypnobirthing mother. We giggled together and agreed that it feels like we share a secret- a secret all women should know. We are wonderfully and perfectly made. Birthing is a joy.

Alana Happy Mum
My husband found the class extremely informative, and was relieved to gain a good understanding of how he could actively take part in the labour and birth of our baby. My relaxation practises became invaluable and I believe they had a large impact on my amazing birthing experience.
Andrea Radiographer
Everybody – family, doctors and nurses were all in amazement of how it went and had never seen anything like it before …. I myself loved every minute of it, feeling in control and relaxed.
Wendy Nurse


The relaxation techniques we learnt in class definitely helped lots, and whilst I wouldn’t rush out and do it all over again anytime soon, I am ecstatic at achieving a drug-free birth in the end.
Dee Administrator
I had to have an emergency c-section because of special circumstances, and my body was in extreme discomfort yet I remained very calm. I learnt to glide through that process and the course prepared me for whatever was to come my way.
Elissa Make Up Artist


We achieved our wishes for a totally natural and drug free birth. At the very end I did have to be cut slightly as the cord was around her neck and so speed was required for that final push…but all in all really wonderful and the stitches really haven’t been a bother – nearly all healed! I really feel that the classes helped hugely in preparing mentally for the birth and gave me belief in my body and it’s abilities.

Anna Marketing Consultant

We loved our whole birthing experience, and everything went perfectly to our birth plan. James was amazing throughout the night, keeping me calm, getting me into relaxation, massaging my back through the surges. Being in the pool was wonderful, but the pressure was so intense…A couple of times I said I didn’t think I could do it, and everyone just said, “Yes you can, you’re doing amazing!” I had no meds and needed no stitches. Eliza is just the most perfect baby. Really alert, rarely cries, a good little sleeper.

Amy Fitness Trainer

The thing I liked most about the course was having the opportunity to practice relaxation methods and talk with facilitator & other like-minded couples. Learning about empowering ways to view birth options. The most important things I learnt were breathing, relaxation and the natural process of achieving a calm birth.

Nat Integration Aide
I experienced no pain – only pressure. I felt completely tuned in to my body and my baby boy.
Mia Teacher