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Classes are designed for the birthing woman and a chosen birth partner. Your support people such as a doula, private midwife, midwifery student, etc are welcome to also attend the class at no extra cost.

  • 1 x 3 hour session including a workbook & audio files
  • A versatile and convenient session run as either a group class on scheduled dates or a private class in your own home.
  • Perfect for refresher/returning* couples who have experienced a birth and wish to brush up on skills and knowledge.
  • What you will learn:
    • Understanding how the body functions during labour
    • How to work with pain & fear
    • Acknowledge fear for what it is & how it affects your birth
    • Breathing techniques to enhance labour
    • Active positions to use in birth & labour
    • Hands-on tools & techniques for your birth partner to use


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We come to you! Personalised sessions in your own home at times that fit into your busy schedule. Private classes are all about you and your individual situation.

  • 2 x 3 hour sessions including a workbook & audio files
  • You will learn classic hypnobirthing techniques, active hands on skills and great information such as:

– Understanding anxiety and fear

– How to work with pain

– Breathing techniques

– Skills for relaxation and visualisation

– How labour progresses

– Hands on tools for partners

– Better positions to use in labour and birth

– Confident, effective communication

– Minimising intervention

– Maximising bonding



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