About Clarity Birthing

It is my desire that a birthing women can feel empowered to reach her goals through her preparation for birth.

The focus of Clarity Birthing is to bring confidence to every birthing couple, working with them to establish their own ideals for birth.

The foundations of my birthing classes are based upon the breath and repose. A calm head induces a calm mind to capture the element of control. The sense of control is so important in a birthing mum. It engages trust and confidence and that is the feeling I want all birthing women to perceive.

I would hope that every labour and baby’s birth can be perceived by a parent as a positive experience. that they can make informed choices through the knowledge they have chosen to receive. That the information they have discovered from a Clarity birth class stimulate conversation and communication. In turn all the people within their immediate support circle are able to encourage and champion the idea of the perfect birth for them.

Clarity Birth works with leading Obstetricians and has a confident understanding of public and private hospital systems so I can ensure our couples have up to date information. Through my years of birthing and educating I have recognised the need to evolve and move with the way traditional hospital based care works. Without a doubt, I witness how fear and anxiety can negatively shape a birthing experience. Fortunately, I can also see how birthing can be awe-inspiring and empowering. And mostly, because women take it upon themselves to be bigger and better than the negative birth story’s that are floating around out there.

My passion lies with educating and strengthening a couples confidence, teaching them to trust themselves and each other. By taking the time and effort to work with positive easy doable skills, any couple will be able to embrace the powerful, life changing experience that birth is.

Initially sceptical, I have since become convinced of the benefits of hypnobirthing. I have seen it empower women and make them confident of their ability to face the challenge of childbirth in a positive manner. Though not a panacea for pregnancy complications, it equips them to deal with the birth process as well as the events before and after. I now actively recommend the course to my expectant parents.

Dr Sophie Leong Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

Nic’s Personal Experience

My first birthing story begins in 2004. As a very strong minded and knowing individual. I took active steps to find something to help me ‘stay in control’. Using breathing and relaxation techniques gave me a sense of peace and grounding throughout my entire body. That was my control! My son was born at Cabrini Private to a flow of midwives viewing through the birthing suite doors. His birth entailed interventions which I had not anticipated though what I took away from this experience was my sheer ability to feel and be calm. I felt like it was the first time I could sincerely say I was absolutely in control.

My second birth followed in 2007 – my favourite birth! Essentially a text book birth swiftly missed by my Obstetrician and amazing just the same. I had upgraded my skill set to become acquainted with how the pregnant body worked in labour. It was another grateful moment of the power of the female form to extend itself beyond my beliefs.

With the experience of birthing my son and daughter I knew the empowering feeling I felt from birth should be shared amongst women. Whilst pregnant with my third baby in 2010, I committed myself to helping others to enjoy calm, confident childbirth through the power of deep relaxation and peaceful breathing. Number 3, was also speedy and personally transformative. Knowing that this birth stuff was not a fluke spurred my passion for encouraging women to understand their birthing bodies better and to discover how to work with fear and pain.

Having positively embedded the confident nature of what my own body could do, birthing my fourth child in 2012 went smoothly and easily. The fact we can grow, develop and produce a human from our body is astonishing in itself and regardless of the way a baby arrives into this world, I hope to make it an amazing and exhilarating experience.