"Picture yourself relaxing in your favourite place in nature - a beach with soft silky sand, a forest with slits of sunlight filtering through the trees...Your eyes are gently closed and your whole body is awash with relaxation. You feel an extraordinary sense of calm and stillness. As a sensation in your abdomen builds, you begin to breathe deeply with determination and control. Your partner is gently stroking your arm, warmly encouraging you, reinforcing the confidence you have both developed over the weeks. Your baby is almost here."

Empowering Knowledge

“…I have seen it empower women and make them confident of their ability to face the challenge of childbirth in a positive manner…it equips them to deal with the birth process as well as the events before and after…” Dr Sophie Leong – Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

Group & Private Classes

Courses are designed for the birthing woman and a chosen birth companion. Your labour support people – such as a doula, private midwife, midwifery student, etc are welcome to also attend the class at no extra cost.


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